Welcome to The Pageant Place Blog !   Any help you bloggers have feel free to pass it on.  Feel free to spread the word and join/subscribe.  I am still new at this so bare with me,lol.

I am still talking with several different folks on web design.  Seems like each one I speak with runs into something, fire folks, one had a baby, ect and gets delayed then I do when they are free, then new ideas ect..uggggggg.  One of these days The Pageant Place will get a new look.  It keeps growing and growing and growing.

The Yahoo groups have been cleaned up, they were badly spammed, sorry.  I will try to keep a closer eye on them.   Beauty Pageant Fashions is one the other is aimed more toward So California residents but always with clothes ect for sell Southern Cal Baby Pageants.  I haven’t been to the bravo board lately since I only used it for testing banners, ummm maybe I should go take a look,lol.

More is instore so be sure to follow, like, add and such forth.

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