Yes trying to merge into the social things, I am trying to update, list, join ect the places you all are recommending.  Twitter @ThePageantPlace is linked to the FaceBook Page and visa versa and on our main site  During one of my searches for some consignment postings I ran across a new site – The Pageant Planet – www.thepageantplanet.  Well it has it’s own social network for #Pageants and all tied in to facebook and twittter too! Pageant People you will LOVE it.

Now my biggest problem, aside from the outdated website, is trying to figure out when to use #, @, long names, short names, such for and so on since all these things are linking back and forth to one another.  So if you see a post or part of a post two or three times I haven’t lost my mind completely just have to figure out this network of circles :).




We are working on the new site. Some sections/products ares still in test mode. You can call me at 334-774-7693 and I can process your order manually. Dismiss

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