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When looking for your custom pageant dress but I get several emails a day requesting the same information so I decided to include this on the web site for your convenience.

I am located in the South East corner of Alabama

About 25 miles north east of Dothan. You need to decide if you can come for a fitting or if it will have to be done by mail. You will be responsible for shipping and handling and may result in overnight shipping to meet your deadlines.

If done by mail, the fit is up to you.

I can not fully guarantee a fit unless you come for a fitting and pickup. I try to get as close as possible to the measurements but each child is different and the aid of videoing the fittings help a lot. You MUST VIDEO EACH AND ALL fittings. I have a DVD, VCR for the normal VHS tapes, I have an 8 mm camera to convert the 8 mm’s, I also have the Sony play pack for those cameras. If any different you will need to convert them to one of the above formats or email me. I can not and will not take any responsibility for the fit if you fail to do this since I will not know how it looks. Instructions are sent with each fitting and are available on the internet as well.

Normal turnaround time is three months.

I have done them much faster and others slower. Most of this depends on orders placed before you, my schedule and your budget needs. The more of a deposit that is sent in, normally, the faster it can be complete since everything can be ordered well ahead of time. Shells are much faster usually 2-3 weeks.

At the time all this is reviewed I will give you an ESTIMATED price.

I can usually keep the actual charges within 5% of this. I usually require a 25% deposit or at least the basic shell price at the time the order is placed and a minimum of 75% of your estimated price to be paid with in 3-4 weeks of the date you need your outfit. Orders with in a 4-6 period are a minimum 50% down. Altering from this may result in overnight charges for materials, stones, ect, and cause prices to increase. The balance is normally due w/i a day or so of shipping your finished product and you will be notified with the amount. You can send the approximate balance due before I send it out and save some on shipping charges. In the event you can not send in the 25% to start work (selling dress, waiting on tax refund, ect) you may pay $100 deposit to hold your spot. This deposit will be applied to your custom order purchase but non refundable in the event you cancel your order just as with any custom order you place with any store.

I usually do State and National level clothes.

A dress may vary depending on size, fullness of skirt and detail involved, which will vary on your types of competition. A sportswear or other pro-am will vary depending on size, if stoned, fur, et. So please be more specific on your inquiries. I use super stretch lycra for bodices and pro-am outfits; chiffon, georgette, or even organza if customer prefers in skirts. My underskirts are normally very full unless you specify otherwise, usually 6-10 YARDS of material in the ruffles alone and are HAND gathered.

We are working on the new site. Some sections/products ares still in test mode. You can call me at 334-774-7693 and I can process your order manually. Dismiss

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