Ready for a custom pageant dress?

The Pageant Place has been specializing in little girls full glitz custom pageant dresses for decades. Full Glitz doesn’t mean the more rhinestones the better. It is the cliche given long ago to Southern National level designs, because they usually have a lot of glitz. There is more than goes into the design of a custom dress than how many rhinestones we can put on one.

Knowing your pageant system will help in deciding the style and design of your custom pageant dress or pro-am outfit.  You need one that is age appropriate as well a system appropriate. Some systems want the glitz, others do not.  Some like designs simple while others seek out the most elaborate.

No matter what type of pageant system your little one is entering, we know how to capture her smile as well as the judges attention for capturing the crown. You can learn more from our FAQ section too.  You can find it here.

Our Custom Design Portfolio

Below are a few of the thousands of custom pageant dresses and related custom pageant attire. Yes, you saw that correct, thousands. The last time I looked, there were over 30K images collected and shared over the years.

We are working on the new site. Some sections/products ares still in test mode. You can call me at 334-774-7693 and I can process your order manually. Dismiss

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