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Our PRIVATE #1 newsletter & guestbook had been replaced by social media, but by popular demand our newsletter is back !  I guess you all were missing our tips and discounts being mailed directly to you!  I forget many get these right to our phones and tablets these days, no more sitting on our tushes for hours!  I routinely post coupons and specials randomly to each so you just might want to sign up for them all just  in case something doesn't post!

Over the next few weeks, I will be pulling back in our other ones, since I have no way of knowing due to a system crash which ones are which, you will be asked to re-join... Don't worry you will NOT be put into a list automatically.  You will have to confirm.

Over time, the lists will be split according to interests as well -

some want toddler tips for back stage and preparing for pageants

other want to know how to make their own dresses

some may just want shoe discounts and don't even know what a pageant is :)! 

How about getting rid of wrinkles & cellulite moms?

So please bare with us as make the transition!

Be on the look out for Google Hangouts

Now for those of you interested in the group formats The Pageant Place has that also.  If you are familiar with Yahoo! Groups, you know you can set your preferences to what types of email you receive.  You may chose special notices only by email, you can choose daily digest, you can chose all emails...your choice, yet can still post and read messages to the group.  Beautypageantfashions is open to all, Southncalbabypageants was "gifted" our way but as you can tell by the name is targeted for California area. Groups list and can unsubscribe at anytime

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